Saturday, 15 June 2013

My first online opportunity was and still paid to click

The only online income opportunity that i know then when i started was Paid To Click sites. I believe this was really the first of the money making programs on the web. Web presence are needed of all business offline and online.  Offline you need  clients for your services and products.  People need to see  what you are offering before they buy it.  Advertising sites for products and services was the key  for the products to be recognize.
The start of Google was primarily for advertising.  Their search software helps businesses to be found thru a keyword on their search tools.   A lot of advertising sites sprout on the internet.  Everyone's  websites  wants their presence to be on the NO 1 to be seen on the first page of Google which are potentially a  source for purchases of any products and services.

This phenomena creates the need for the advertising sites for " clickers" where they  offer to register and pay members a part of the income from advertising which was only a few cents for a click or view of an adverts. 

With this development on the online world , i started to register with different paid to click sites. The more you register the more you will have money on your account.  It was not a smooth transition a few sites to almost 100 sites. Its really a hard earned  job you may call it , it is not business.

Paid To Click business also brought up scammers and temporary advertising sites which only become active for a few months and then close up.  I experienced those bad business which taught me be careful  with any paid to click sites.  Thanks PTC investigation came online , which minimizes this scamming sites.

It will take a lot of  note pages to list all the PTC sites  that i had join but the latest now is the listings which i am registered: 

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