Saturday, 15 June 2013

Choosen Paid To Click, its the simplest then

When i started to make my way in seeking for making money online i choose paid to click because it was the simplest income opportunity online then. I was learning my way and trying to earn which is really very hard to compliment.  It was always a trial and an error.  Back then when you earn a $1 wow i already feel great !! cause its really hard to earn that amount.  

Those who have jobs and  earning offline will not make money by paid to click method nor other methods because its really time consuming,  the earnings you will have will not take the place of your salary of your job. But for me it is really a challenge. Its always a question for me why those other webmasters have earned thousands and even millions on the internet and why can we not do or accomplish that goal. Look at Google, Facebook and other millionaires online.  

And if i will be thinking my age and the goal of making millions on this time of mine , through manual job its no longer attainable.  I could not even do hard manual work just to earn money.  So the best alternative  was really to learn the strategy of earning online.  I think this is really the place for the late starters and end of the road runners. 

But i am not closed to learning and earning through Paid To Click alone.  There are other means to earn online this are what i had experienced like surveys,  affiliate marketing of products and services,  high yield income producing investments and jobs online. 

The approach to all of this strategies of earning is to do it according to how much you can manage, its organizing and handling that had to be done with all of this.  At this time its still paid to click which are daily job that had to be done and its daily giving earnings until the cashout time.  Adding to this job is campaigning to get referrals to all the paid to click sites your a member.  With the new strategy shared with PTC group of which i am a member, getting of referrals would be a joint effort with all other members of PTC group and not me alone.  The probability of earning more rather than alone is big which is really the goal of matrixing. 

At the moment i am doing my clicking of ads with ptc sites which are all recommended Paid To Click sites of PTC group so there is no conflict , its all complimentary,  see the paid to click sites below.  Be a moneyhitter with paid to click  NOW !! NOW !! NOW !!   

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