Saturday, 15 June 2013

PTC group since i joined

I started to join PTC group in February 2013  when i happen to stumble it on the net. Since i am involve with paid to click for a number of years and looking for more ways to improve my earnigs i find PTC-group a good strategy.  I had said before on my first written article about PTC-group that this is not a new concept but there were nobody doing it. It was R.Wayne i dont  know the person  and the first name since he does not want to reveal it , i was still carried on with his project.  The strategy was joining his ptc program list where RWayne is the upline for 28 ptc programs and on the cashout  for this PTC programs you will have to deposit it his or PTC group payment processors account.  Every member who joins on a particular program PTC would be registered through a matrix starting from 10 to thousands.  PTC group or RWayne is campaigning  for the ptcgroup as well as members so the effort for having more referrals to the project would make the goal reachable.  When i first joined the group,  i really believe that  PTCgroup would be instrumental in having referrals for my owned ptc as well as PTC group.

Where are we now after more than 3  months ; 

When i started with PTC group i already have some of RWayne's PTC programs about 10 of his program list though i was only active with about 7.  I needed to add  6 more more to be active and the rest less active.  In more than a month just clicking all the ptc programs i am registered it was really  a hard time especially that your only earning a few cents. In more than a month it was only $2 earn from the PTC group where i had deposited about $8.  I also campaign for MHPTChitlist  as well as PTC group. Why campaign for both  PTCgroup is one strategy and MHPTChitlist is also a strategy , just the same both need referrals. With PTC group i had referred about 24 persons.  With the 24 referrals not all have joined and few are only active. 

Coming June a new system is being introduced by RWayne aka PTCgroup which is the straight matrix or closed matrix.  The matrix is that for a particular PTC program where you are registered you will have an earnings from all below you.  Not like before that it is 40%- 60% between the member and RWayne-PTCgroup from the earnings or cashout deposits. 

Given this developments we can see that PTC-group is still not being taken seriously by the clickers out there. Still the basic here are developing referrals in joining MHPTChitlist programs and also PTC-group. In MHPTChitlist program there is a program which i suggessted to RWayne to his list but  he looks at it as having some problems but in my on going experienced i am earning here $10 in two weeks more that what i am earning presently with PTC-group. This is Au wage ( view it on my with the title Au wage)  There is still time though with three months period some signs are evident but it really takes time if  things will be great let's  see and make it work. There is also a  great need to try other referral development programs.

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