Saturday, 13 July 2013

$5000/mo. a sales pitch

Wow this is Great , when i first saw this  i was amazed how could a clicker reached an earnings of $5000 a month and only clicking for 15 to 25 minutes a day.  So i was inspired maybe this is the answer for a long time i had been struggling with Paid to Click. 

I am a clicker for almost a long time, i dont even earn hundreds so i was conscious will this really be the answer.  So i tested this program and now i am on my almost four months.  And my earnings for the last three months was only a total of  $7.  I felt discouraged because i have a PTC site that earns for me a total of  $10 for two weeks, which is 

I recommended the  to Rwayne the PTC group owner but he said that there are lots of problems with , so i did not insist then. Though PTC investigation is highly recommending ayuwage. I presume he does not want or he does not want to use my referral links .

I had several recommendations aside from ayuwage . One was our links on PTC programs  should be used as referral links which will be under our downlines and not on rwaynes link but the owner does not want that. Its his program and he wants all links for the PTC program should all be his. 

That is what's happening and he has all the credits and more earnings.

I also am not in favor of a site that had not paid the earnings and which will be re-starting which is a scam trick whom he still recommend. He is not following his own principles to follow PTC which is not recommending 

The PTC group programs are now on a straight line matrix which means any of your referrals of a particular program is your downline. It does change the  original that all of the referrals or new members is all under one man man rwayne and he has a lot to earn with members. 

I had a lot of clicking time for almost four years and i dont think clicking on PTC group programs will achieve the goal of earning $5000 a month just clicking 15 minutes a day maybe the owner because he have a lot of clickers under him and just waiting for the time to get the income.

But, PTC group is not the only strategy in earning with paid to click there are still programs that i had not tried. WATCH OUT !!!

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