Sunday, 4 August 2013

What ptc site had paid lately

With my own moneyhitters PTC list i would have to save on the site's that are paying rather than send it to PTC group which had only earn me  $7 in three months.  I  earn that  $7 with only one site that is

The only way to earn a lot  is to have downlines, but its  terribly hard to get direct referrals. And with PTC group  whatever referrals you have its more of the owner Rwayne who benefits and he earn a lot. What;s paying lately with PTC moneyhitters?

The right title should be what site had paid lately after non participation with PTC group ? 

 The last payments issued by PTC group was June 18, 2013  so after this there are no more payments expected unless i had to send cashouts from  the PTC sites registered with PTC group but this is a new twist

New payments after PTC group participation; 

The total is about  $12.87  which is only after June 18 , 2013  and its only August 3 if you compare it with PTC group for three months i only earn  $7 so  why do i have to participate with PTC group. The earnings came only from three PTC site, bucks4shares and cashnhits.  If  you people are reading this  there are lots of means to or strategy in earning with PTC 

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